Activities to do in Algarve with the kids

Aquashow Algarve

Ideal for a family trip, Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal. Rich in nature parks and family-friendly attractions, in Algarve the fun is guaranteed! Let’s find out in this article all the best activities that you can do with the little ones, that will make your trip to Portugal something unique and special.

1. Krazy World

Krazy World is a theme park divided into several areas. In particular, we suggest the reptile house and the area dedicated to exotic animals! This area is entirely dedicated to fun with an indoor playground and an outdoor one which presents:

  • inflatables
  • mini golf courses
  • a beautiful water park. 

These are the opening periods in the different seasons:

  • from mid-February every day of the week until the beginning of November
  • from mid-November until the beginning of February on weekends too. 

We recommend this park to both small and grown children, 0-99 years! Admission fees are:

  • € 12.95 for adults
  • € 7.95 for children between 4 and 10 years
  • free for children up to 3 years old.


Krazy World

2. Dolphins Watching

Only the name would capture your attention! Seeing dolphins swimming freely in the Ocean’s waters in front of the Algarve is a strong emotion in our opinion. Many Boat Tours companies organize trips to the sea in search of dolphins. Wildwatch and seafaris are a combo that you can also find online. The trips offshore usually take half a day.

The prices are a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth it! With the Sea Safaris we talk about 25 € for children and 40 € for adults. Wildwatch has more or less the same prices. They are not cheap but the show is guaranteed! There are no tanks and exhibitions in front of an audience. Here nature and animals are free and protagonists at the same time.

💻 Wildwatch:

💻 Seafaris:

Dolphins Watching

3. Ria Formosa Natural Park

This is a natural park which is famous for the countless species of exotic birds that inhabit it. You can see them well by enjoying a Jeep Safari Tour. Children will spend the day looking for animals in the park while the parents will get lost in taking hundreds of photos and movies to capture those unforgettable moments. Do not miss the unique Portuguese Water Dog, a particular breed of dog that lives in this park!

You can:

  • rent boats, kayaks, surf and bodyboards, fishing rods and bicycles
  • participate in one of the many sightseeing boat tours, alone or in company.

There is no lack of reasons to discover one of the seven wonders of Portugal: Ria Formosa’s Natural Park. The development of tourism in natural areas is possible and sustainable. It helps supporting local communities and preserving these natural places of superb beauty in Algarve.


Ria Formosa Natural Park

4. Aquashow Family Funpark

This is the largest water park you will find in the Algarve region. Between pools of various heights, slides of all shapes and water games, time will fly in the name of fun! The entrance fee is:

  • 28 € for adults and children over 11 years
  • € 19 from 5 to 10 years
  • free up to 4 years. 

It’s usually open from 10 to 5.30 in the afternoon with some extension of hours depending on the season. 

The services available are:

  • catering
  • souvenir shops
  • pool accessories
  • equipment to change babies in the toilets
  • infirmary
  • drinking fountains
  • free parking – not supervised. 

As in the best water parks on the slides it is forbidden to:

  • wear necklaces, bracelets, watches, glasses
  • bring cameras and mobile phones. 

You can easily reach the water park with a car. And if you stay at Aldeia do Golfe – House C3 you will only need a 10 minutes drive!


Aquashow Family Funpark

5. Almancil Karting

It is a fabulous Gokart track and even more than that! Here you can challenge other people by wearing real clothes just like the drivers of formula one. Identifying with your favorite driver will be exciting and fun. And after the race a healthy snack at the Almancil Karting bar will be a must. In the park there are some other attractions as well, such as:

  • springboards for children
  • mini motor boats.

Created in 1992, the Almancil Karting is a place of amusement and competition. The fans of the world of engines – but also the newbies – will find an adequate and safe space to experience the thrill of driving a small car. And the circuit was inaugurated by Ayrton Senna himself! The property is located in Almancil, near the IP1, EN125, close to the International Airport of Faro. You can reach the park by driving for less than 15 minutes from our Vilamoura House Garden.


Almancil Karting

Whether your sons and daughters are fans of sea or earth animals, motors or water parks, you will find many options to give them the time of their lives on your next holiday to Portugal. These were our favorite activities to do on a family trip with children. 

We would like to hear from you if you had different experiences that we might have missed, though! Would you like to share some other examples of activities you liked to do with your children? Feel free to leave a comment down below! 

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