12 most Instagrammable places in Porto

istagrammable place Porto

Your holiday in Portugal is approaching and you would like to update your IG feed with quality content but you have no clue where to go? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. In this article you will find the 12 most Instagrammable places in Porto, so you can leave confidently and be ready to take spectacular pictures!

1. Ribeira

In 1996, this characteristic district was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, a must stop is Cais de Ribeira, the promenade along the river. It is one of the most picturesque – and instagrammable – corners of the city.

📍 Ribeira

Ribeira - Porto
Ribeira – Porto

2. Livraria Lello

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Then this location will definitely be your favorite one in Porto.  It seems that this lovely bookshop of 1906 inspired J.K. Rowling in her creation of Flourish and Blotts and the Hogwarts Library, since the writer taught English in Porto in the ’90s. but it is worth it! The ticket to enter costs 5€, but it can be reduced from the price of a book of your choice.

💻 https://www.livrarialello.pt/

📍 Livraria Lello

Livraria Lello

3. A cellar of Port wine

There is no trip to Porto without a tasting of the liquor which shares the same name with the city. Oporto is full of wineries and cellars that offer guided tours and tasting services, but we can advise you the one that – according to us – is the best one when it comes to price-quality ratio: Porto Wine Calém. 
Their cellar tour will be an amazing and unique experience in your portuguese trip and it will lead you through the history of the famous liqueur wine, from harvest to bottling and ending with aging. Obviously, after the tasting we do not recommend you to drive, but if you decide to stay in our Oporto Bridges, you will be able to reach the cellar in only 15 minutes by walking!

📍 Cellar Port Wine

Porto Wine Calém

4. Jardim do Morro

The Jardim do Morro is an extremely well-kept park from where you can have a great view of Oporto. It is actually located in Vila Nova de Gaia but you will only need to cross the Luiz I bridge to reach it, which is pretty cool. 

You’ve been visiting the city all day and now you’re looking for some relaxation? In Jardim do Morro you will find a great miradouro to enjoy a sunset with a drink and something to eat. It’s also super easy to reach with the subway.

📍 Jardim do Morro

Jardim do Morro

5. Stock Exchange Palace (Palácio da Bolsa)

Among the buildings of the city that deserve a visit of the interior there is definitely the Palacio da Bolsa. The guided tour will take you through the many rooms. The most spectacular will be shown at the end of the tour and is the one in Arabic style. When your visiting companions are gone, you’ll have a minute or two to take some amazing pictures.

💻 https://palaciodabolsa.com/

📍 Palácio da Bolsa

Palácio da Bolsa

6. Luiz I Bridge (upper deck)

One of the symbols of Porto is the imposing Dom Luis I Bridge. Join it to enjoy a breathtaking view of the old part of the city. 

To know the reasons that led to its construction we must go back to 1809 when, during the Napoleonic invasion, thousands of people escaped on wooden boats – generally used to transport wine – which at the time represented the only way to travel from Porto to the « twin » city of Vila Nova de Gaia. Unfortunately, the boats did not bear the weight of the fleeing crowd. Years later, the construction of Luiz I Bridge began, and it was completed in 1886.

📍 Luiz I Bridge

Luiz I Bridge

7. Capela das Almas (Chapel of Souls)

You can only fall in love with the Capela das Almas (Chapel of Souls), a little church in Rua Catarina. Why? Obviously for the exteriors entirely covered with white and blue azulejos. Along the side wall you will be able to take some beautiful photos. 

In our opinion it is one of the most characteristic images of the city! You just have to pay attention to the cars that run along the road, to the pedestrians and the vehicles parked in front.

📍 Capela das Almas

Capela das Almas

8. Clérigos Tower

The Clérigos Tower (Torre dos Clérigos) is one of the architectural symbols of Porto. Being 76 meters tall, this tower offers an enchanting view of the city. But get ready for a good leg workout, because to get to the top, you will have to climb almost 250 steps.

The Clérigos Tower, designed by the italian architect Niccolò Nasoni in the middle of the 18th century, is located at the western end of the homonymous church.

📍 Clérigos Tower

Clérigos Tower

9. Igreja do Carmo

Igreja do Carmo, built in the second half of the 18th century, is one of the most representative buildings of the Rococo architecture of Porto. Its side facade, which rises above the basement hospital of the order, is completely covered with beautiful blue and white tiles – the typical Azulejos. By the way, are you a fan of Portuguese Tiles? Then you will love our Oporto Tiles!

The complex consisting of this church and the adjacent Carmelitas Church is classified as a national monument. The church has a single nave. On the inside, there are several rococo « retablo » in carved and gilded wood, which were made by Francisco Pereira Campanhã in the eighteenth century, and they represent typical themes of the Passion of Christ: the arrest, the flagellation, the crowning of thorns and the death.

📍 Igreja do Carmo

Igreja do Carmo

10. Capela do Senhor da Pedra

This seaside chapel is located just 20 minutes drive from the center of Porto and is worth a visit, especially during the golden hour. It looks like it comes right out of a fairytale book page! This chapel is also easily accessible by train, starting from Porto (Sáo Bento station) and getting off at the Miramar stop.

📍 Capela do Senhora Da Pedra

Capela do senhor da Pedra

11. Miradouro das Virtudes

Another perfect place to admire the sunset at the end of a long day of walking is definitely the Miradouro das Virtudes, which is not far from the Jewish quarter. It is located inside the Jardim das Virtudes, a small garden, placed on the side of a green hill that presents a series of terraces.

Besides being little frequented at any time of the day and evening, from the highest part you will be able to see the wine cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, beyond the Douro. There are two entrance gates to the park: one is located at the end of a steep descent and allows direct access to the lower part of the gardens, while the other is located at the Passeio das Virtudes (upper part). While the first gate closes at 18.00, the second gate remains open until 19.00/20.00 depending on the season.

📍Miradouro das Virtudes

Miradouro das Virtudes

12. Jardim do Palácio de Cristal

A destination for music lovers and sports events – which it hosts throughout the year – the Crystal Palace enjoys a breathtaking view of the River Douro and the Romantic Gardens, as it is located on the upper part of the city. On the inside there is a multimedia library, an auditorium and a cafeteria. The garden, which is among the most beautiful in the whole city, is located in Rua D. Manuel II and can be easily reached by bus  #3, 20, 35, 37.

📍 Jardim do Palácio de Cristal

Jardim do Palácio de Cristal

So, are you ready to start taking pictures? We suggested you these places as the most instagrammable spots in Porto, and we are sure that you will not be disappointed by our choice. However, if you know any other absolutely fantastic places for a high quality Instagram feed, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments!

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