Albufeira nightlife, best bars and beach bars

If you are reading this article, that are good chances that you are looking for some tips about where to find the best nightlife in Portugal and have some fun after the sun goes down. Well, you are definitely in the right place, since Albufeira is certainly one of the touristic locations more famous for nightlife lovers, in Portugal.

Enjoying your time in Albufeira

Albufeira is a tiny village with white houses, facing the ocean, and it is located in the central part of Algarve, one of most visited parts of Portugal.

Algarve is the first choice for surf lovers, golf lovers, and everybody looking to have fun at night. Albufeira is pretty much visited all year round, thanks to its mild, Mediterranean climate and the many events that take place here very often.

But it will be in Albufeira Old Town, where you will find the best nightlife in Portugal. The Old Town is also extremely pleasant to walk through, thanks to the typical white houses and the tiny streets that go down until the Praia dos Pescadores – that owns its name to one of the most ancient, traditional activities in Algarve: fishing.

What do to at night in Albufeira: the best bars

Before enjoying the nightlife at Albufeira, you can grab something to eat close to the beach, or in the old town itself, where you will not only find the best bars in Albufeira, but also some international restaurants. For some good beach bars in Albufeira, head to Roca Beach Bar or to the Sal Rosa. Both are perfect places to have lunch, sunbathing and grabbing a cocktail while the sun goes down.

Then, you will want to direct to the so-called Strip, Avenida Sà Carneiro, where the center of the nightlife is.  

But which are the best bars to enjoy the nightlife in Albufeira? Let’s see some of our favorite.

Among the best bars in Albufeira old town, we find that the a star is Barbers Cocktail bar, one of the most famous spots here, with live music and an outdoor patio where you can enjoy the charm of Portuguese nights.

Casa do Cerro is a place you wouldn’t expect to find here, as the atmosphere recalls the one of a bar in Marrakesh. The exquisite cocktail menu reflects this exotic attitude.

Legends Bar is our third pick, and it is perfect for those looking for an animate night, with tv playing sports, good drinks and party attitude.

pub and bar in albufeira, ALgarve

Where to stay to enjoy the nightlife in Albufeira

To make sure you enjoy Albufeira nightlife, you need to plan carefully where you will be staying, to be able to reach Albufeira old town easily.

Our top choices to be close to the best nightlife in Portugal and to sleep at an amazing apartment are Casa de Zanao and Albufeira Olympics houses. The former is a 2-bedrooms apartment with a private balcony just 100 meters away from the beach, and the latter is located in the Janelas do Mar apart hotel complex, giving you the chance to enjoy all the comforts of the complex.

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