Where to shop in Porto: Flea markets and more

Between a glass of wine and the other, make sure to leave some time to discover the best markets. There’s something incredibly fascinating about wandering around looking for old junk and small treasures. Or travel trophies to take home and cherish among your own memories. In the case of Porto, then, the risk of filling your suitcase with Portuguese ceramics is very high. So it’s worth being able to find the best ones. Here are many interesting tips on where to shop in Porto.

Feira de Vandoma Flea Market

Let’s start from the most authentic market. The one worthy of being called a flea market that has not undergone hipster-chic influences. Imagine a street that on Saturday morning is filled with sellers who offer literally everything. From second-hand clothes and vintage pieces to leather jackets, furniture, ceramics, plates, paintings, electric cables, old books and so on.

Tip: if you’re looking for Portuguese azulejos, here you’ll find many at less than half the price compared to other markets. That’s because Feira de Vandoma is mainly frequented by locals and some fearless and curious tourists. If you like the genre, of all the markets in Porto you can not miss this.

👉 Where? Av. 25 de Abril

When? Every Saturday from early morning until about 13

Urban Market 

Here instead you will find plenty of the hipster-chic atmosphere. This is an itinerant market that offers young Portuguese designers the opportunity to sell their creations. From minimal design jewelry to certified shiatsu massage sessions. From capsule collections of handmade clothes to super fragrant organic soaps and many other cute things. This market is organized once a month. So make sure to check the Facebook page to find out the date and location of the next Urban Market.

Mercadinho dos Clérigos

A small market in the center where you’ll find creations of Portuguese designers but also many vintage and modern objects. A series of stalls that unfold on the street just steps away from the Torre dos Clérigos, one of the places to visit during your trip to Portugal. Let yourself be enveloped by the magical atmosphere of this city as you browse between banquets.

👉 Where? Rua de Cândido dos Reis

When? Every second and last Saturday of the month

Mao Esquerda

A lovely shop to say the least. If you want to do some shopping in Porto, then Mao Esquerda must definitely be part of your list. Here you’ll find a super accurate selection of vintage clothes in excellent condition at affordable prices. You’ll also find a great range of accessories: eyewear, bags and seventies and eighties style earrings.

👉 Where? Rua de Santo André (aos Poveiros), 26

Mon Père Vintage Shop

If you love hidden shops, those that you don’t expect but then they suddenly surprise you, then Mon Père is definitely one of them. From the street you will see the sign of an old hotel. From there you’ll have to climb some stairs to enter this little shop that will catapult you back in time with a selection of vintage clothes, second hand and also new ones but strictly in the urban key. Also very interesting is the bijou section. Cheap prices.

👉 Where? Rua da Conceição nº 80


If you feel guilty about visiting Porto only through markets and shops, don’t worry. Ornitorrinco is located in the city’s heart and you cannot miss it between a cultural visit and a Francesinha. By the way, do you like it?

At Ornitorrinco you will find bread for your hunger for vintage shopping. You’ll find 90’s windbreakers, kimonos, (super)high-waisted jeans, costumes and much more at affordable prices.

👉 Where? Rua da Assunção, nº7

Matéria Prima

You’ll soon fall in love with this little place. Once you cross the threshold you will feel like you are in Brooklyn, London or Berlin. Here you will find vinyl, Cds, cassettes, books, comics and other analog objects. 

The perfect shop to spend some time snooping around. And the staff is super nice! Also recommended because it is located in Rua Miguel Bombarda, where you will find a number of art galleries. Have fun!

👉 Where? Rua Miguel Bombarda, 127

Mercado 48

Always to stay on the topic of where to shop in Porto, a trip to Mercado 48 is highly recommended. Strange but true, this concept store does not sell anything vintage. Instead, it offers a series of small luxuries that young millennials seem to love. Beautiful leather backpacks with minimalist design, prints by Frida Khalo, cotton bags and much more. It is located a few meters from Mao Esquerda. Check it out!

👉 Where? Rua da Conceição nº 48

Porto calling

Fans of music and old vinyl come to me! From Porto Calling you will find an extraordinary selection of any musical genre. From jazz to pop, punk, metal, blues, reggae, ska and so on. A real institution for music lovers. 

Porto Calling is located a few meters from the vintage store Mon Père, so why give up a good double? By the way, if you’re staying at our Oporto Bridges, both shops are easily reachable since they are less than 15 minutes away walking distance.

👉 Where? Rua da Conceição 80

If you like the vintage style and want to do some shopping in the wine city, you’ll love these spots! At least we hope so. Anyway, if you visit one of these places and buy an original souvenir, let us know in the comments below. Or tag us in your stories or posts on Instagram!

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