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 5 reasons why Owners chose Hopstays

Choosing who to entrust your property to is certainly a difficult choice. Here are 5 reasons why our owners have decided to entrust their properties to us!

Hopstays has now over two years of history and partners with more than 6 years of experience in the Short Term Rental Market industry. 

During this period we’ve been establishing relationships with many owners and understood what their main concerns and goals are. 

More than 20 owners now work in partnership with Hopstays and each one of them is different and has different goals. While for some financial returns are their main focus, others focus more on the fact they would start having someone to take care of their house when they are absent. But all of them, to different degrees, have the same concerns.

In the following list, we can summarize the main reasons
why Hopstays is the company you should start working with:

  1. We take care of their house as if it is ours.
    All owners in one way or the other have an emotional connection with their properties. Some have personal decorative objects, others followed the renovation and spent their time making sure the house would be ready to receive the first guests. Hopstays relies on a professional cleaning and maintenance team to make sure this objective is always fulfilled. 
  2. Return on investment. Some owners’ main focus is mostly financial. They invested time and money to buy a property and they want to get the most out of it. Hopstays relies on partnerships with the most important platforms like Airbnb and Booking. alongside price optimization software make sure the properties have the perfect balance between occupation and price. In the end, this translates into more income for the owner!
  3. Taking care of all the bureaucracies. Before a house enters the Short Term Rental Market it has to follow some steps, being the first to get the Short Term Rental Licence. After that many other legal activities have to be taken so that we make sure compliance to all the mandatory legislation. Registering and doing the proper communication with the Portuguese SEF (Border Services), paying the tourist tax, and invoicing guests are just some examples of a property management company like Hopstays. 
  4. Guest Interaction. Every guest is special for Hopstays and owners want that their experience is the best possible. Making sure the guest’s demands are listened to and walking them through their journey is super important and Hopstays created an amazing guide that not only gives all the information about the owner’s property but also gives guests the best recommendations for places to eat and visit, providing them the best experience possible!

    And finally, the main reason and the one that Hopstays cares the most:
  5. Transparency is the most important value for Hopstays! We appreciate all owners that trust their houses with us, especially because almost all of them have an emotional relationship with their properties. Establishing a human connection with the owner and keeping periodic communication with them is what distinguishes Hopstays!

If you are interested to know more about us our services don’t hesitate to reach us, we’ll be happy to have a talk with you 🙂

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