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beach in Algarve

With its messy coastline and charming attitude, the Algarve region of Portugal is certainly one of the most popular destinations for international travelers in all seasons.

But, just a look at a map of the Algarve will tell you why Algarve is mostly visited during the summertime: enjoying your holidays in this area means enjoying all of the Algarve beaches, which are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean area. In fact, Algarve beaches due to their atmosphere to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, are like a calling voice for everyone who loves water sports, but not just for them.

Algarve beaches that you cannot miss in Vilamoura

Among the best beaches in Algarve, there are quite a few!

Just think about the fact that beaches in Algarve are in total more than 150, each one with its own features. This means that everyone can choose the one that fits their preferences and attitude. We tried to sum up the best beaches in Algarve, the ones that are perfect for those looking to have a long dip in the sea, and the ones that are ideal for surf lovers or sunbathers. Praia da Falésia and Praia da Rocha Baixinha are two of the best beaches in the Algarve, and to explore them we suggest staying at this accommodation.

We guarantee you will be charmed by its location close to the Marina.

The best beaches close to Portimão in Algarve

Having in mind the map of the Algarve, we should go ahead with Portimao area, one of the most appealing for tourists visiting Portugal.

This is because Portimao is centrally located, and in a strategic position to visit both Lagos and Albufeira, two of the most visited areas of southern Portugal.

The best beaches close to Portimao are Praia da Rocha and Praia de Albandeira. Expect a busy beach if you visit Praia da Rocha, since it is spacious, and adorned by sand – which is quite uncommon in Portugal. Praia de Albandeira is more calm and small, has white sand and it is surrounded by some rocks, which make it more charming but a bit less comfortable.

If you are planning to visit the Algarve beaches close to Portimao, consider spending the night at this apartment

Algarve beach

Algarve beaches near Albufeira

Continuing our journey across the map of the Algarve coast, we meet Albufeira, the star of the Algarve area, and its beaches. Undoubtedly the most popular area, it is the nest to the famous Praia da Marinha, considered among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Another gem among the beaches close to Albufeira is Praia Grande, together with Praia dos Salgados. Expect to find a decent crowd if you come here during the central hours of the day, but you will also find amazing beaches, super well-preserved and surrounded by sand dunes. If you are willing to sleep in a convenient location to reach the Albufeira area and its beaches, you cannot miss this apartment located right on Albufeira’s beach.

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