What is the weather like in Porto during the year?

Porto city

Porto is a charming, unique city, that can be worth visiting all year round, experiencing different facets of the town as the seasons.

Porto is located near the ocean and faces the Douro River, which can deeply influence its weather, over the course of the months.

We can generally define the weather in Porto as a mild temperate oceanic one, but let’s go into further detail about when is the best way to visit this charming town.

Should I visit Porto during the winter?

It’s best to be aware of the weather in Porto in January before booking your flight to Portugal: this is the month with the most days of rain, and if you were expecting a shining sun, it might disappoint you.

However, the fact that Porto has a temperate climate, means that, on average, the winters here are not as cold as you might think. The weather in Porto in January can in fact still be pleasant, with temperatures around 9°C.

If you mean visiting Porto during the winter, expect the lowest temperatures of the year, and don’t forget to pack your raincoat! The sky might be often covered by clouds resulting in heavy rains.

Porto city

 What’s the weather like in Porto in April?

As many other cities close to the ocean, in Porto temperatures can vary, even a lot, and that makes it more or less pleasant to be in Porto during certain months.

In order to enjoy at best your time in Porto, it’s good to have an idea of the daily average temperatures that you might find during the year, like in April, the start of the Spring season.

And the best time of the year to visit Porto is in fact Spring: from the beginning of April to the end of June.

The ideal time for walking around, in April you will find little to not rain at all, and from June onward it will likely not rain at all. It will be pleasant to walk around even during the central hours of the day, and you will enjoy outdoor dinners even if you are just wearing denim.

Afterward, the hottest part of the year will begin in Porto.

Porto city

Is it too warm to visit Porto during the summer months?

You might have seen pictures of the city of Porto crowded with visitors during the summer months as well as the spring ones, even if the hot season will have started by then, ending in September.

August is the hottest month of the year in Porto, and the weather can reach temperatures as high as 25°C.

The August weather makes it a good time to visit Porto if you especially enjoy hot weather. It won’t be especially hot if we compare Portuguese temperatures to the ones of other European countries. It is mitigated by winds coming from the ocean.

If you don’t mind going up and down among Porto’s cobblestone streets and its downhills under the sun, you might as well enjoy the Portuguese summer, and maybe also dip in the Ocean while you are at it.

Porto duoro river

Where can I stay for my time in Porto?

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