Porto Nightlife, the best bars and nightclubs 

If you are looking for some fun at night while spending your holidays in Portugal, Porto is definitely the place to be.

One of the most visited cities in Portugal, well known for its architecture and for the wine culture that blossomed around the Douro River throughout the centuries, Porto at night-time will make clubbers as well as wine lovers.

But where should you stay, If you intend to have the best stay in Porto and where should you go at night?

Porto city

Which are the best bars in Porto?

Porto’s nightlife can get pretty crazy: at night, the city center and the Ribera area especially, entirely changes their face into a fun, vibrant place where you can grab a cup of local wine while waiting for nightclubs to open, or just enjoy the charm of Portuguese nights.

But which are the places you can’t miss for a proper night experience in Porto? To start the night, you should definitely begin with a stroll down Praça de Gomez de Teixeira, where you’ll just have to choose among one of the many wine bars facing the square.

But the true heart of Porto at night is in Ribera: Rua da Galeria de Paris and Rua Candido dos Reis, where you’ll find the best bars in Porto. Here are some of the names you can’t miss.

 Where should you go in Porto to have a drink?

  • The Gin House. Not only if you love gin, but in case you do, you’ll need to visit this bar in central Oporto, which was dedicated to one of the world’s most loved spirits. At the Gin House, you’ll find an endless selection of gins coming from all other the world, but also experienced barmen and an exclusive atmosphere.
  • Douro Sky Lounge is another cool spot in Porto, perfect if you like rooftop bars and don’t mind going a bit far from the center. The view from the rooftop and the music selection will repay you for the extra mile;
  • We are obsessed with Fé Wine and Club, the perfect mix between a wine bar and a club, where you’ll find techno or pop music, depending on the night, and two floors to choose between.

Where to stay to enjoy Porto in the night?

If you really want to enjoy Porto’s nightlife, choosing the best area to stay in, is crucial: you want to be as close as possible to the city center, as Porto at night can get crowded and you’ll need to walk from one place to another.

Airbnb owners have populated the city with their apartments, that’s why we selected some accommodations in Porto that we believe are a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy Porto’s nightlife.

Oporto Bridges is the perfect choice to be close to the city center, a strategic point from where you can go to the nightclub in Porto of your choice, not far from Clérigos Tower.

If you are looking for accommodation with an outside terrace, you should also consider Oporto Wine Cellars, a few steps away from Trinidade Metro Station, and that will allow being at Porto’s nightlife heart in a few minutes. 

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