Vilamoura golf courses, the best golf courses

Portugal is one of the European countries that have more to offer to golf players, without any doubt. In fact, Portugal golf courses in Algarve are famous all over the world among lovers of this sport.

Just quickly looking at a map of Vilamoura, in the southern area of the Algarve, you’ll immediately realize why this is considered one of Europe’s best destinations in terms of golf holidays: the area is literally filled with green fields, spacious and well kept.

There are many golf courses near Vilamoura that can make those who play this ancient, traditional sport happy, but one is more famous than the others.

Let’s see which one is the star when it comes to Algarve golf holidays, and where you should stay while enjoying your time there.

Golf course Vilamoura

Dom Pedro Pinhal Golf course in Vilamoura

By far the most popular Algarve golf course, Dom Pedro Pinhal golf course in Vilamoura has all the reasons to be famous: the actual depth of its surrounding, the extensions of its fields, and the climate, are a few of them. But another appealing quality here is about the unique panorama you can enjoy while playing.

What made golf courses near Vilamoura especially famous, is in fact the incredible natural landscape facing the Ocean.

The Dom Pedro Pinhal Golf course was opened in 1976 and is set in a green landscape filled with pines, which makes playing on this field an interesting challenge for golf lovers.

Enjoying breathtaking views from almost every hole, Algarve golf holidays are certainly appealing for many European or world travelers. But where should you stay while enjoying Portugal golf courses?

Golf course

Best places to stay during your Algarve golf holiday

We have collected for you the best accommodation options close to golf courses in Vilamoura, in Portugal.

If you are traveling in a big group, like often happens when it comes to the Algarve golf holidays, you will find Aldeia do Golfe and House Garden the perfect places to stay.

The former is a breathtaking villa with a pool, surrounded by a green garden and, at a short driving distance from Vilamoura golf courses, it will allow you and your group of up to 6 people to enjoy the nearby Algarve’s courses at best. Another beautiful feature of this house is the amazing patio that you can enjoy for a barbecue or for happy hour.

House Garden accommodation is another one of our favorites for large groups: another smart choice to enjoy the Algarve golf holidays, this one can accommodate up to 7 people, that will be able to enjoy its cozy style, the backyard, and the shared pool.

Finally, the Marina View Apartment is our preferred choice when it comes to smaller groups, as here you will find a master bedroom and two comfortable sofa beds, in addition to a breathtaking view from the windows that face the Harbor of Vilamoura Marina. 5 minutes from the beach, and even less to reach Dom Pedro Pinhal Golf Course and enjoy your time at Vilamoura’s golf facilities.

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