Algarve temperature by month

Compared to other European countries, Algarve region in Portugal is especially suitable to be visited during the whole year, thanks to the mild climate that can be enjoyed there, during the whole year.

When is the best time to visit Algarve?

The Mediterranean climate of Algarve is influenced by both the Atlantic Ocean and the closeness to Africa, low rainfalls that happen mostly between the months of November and March.

Algarve monthly temperatures are often pleasant and guarantee a good time to visitors during most the months of the year. But let’s go deeper through the weather in the Algarve to help you choose when it is the best period to visit this beautiful place.

Algarve weather in September, combined with the tourism flow that is softer than central summer monthly, makes it one of the best months to enjoy Algarve.

The summers tend to be especially hot and dry, which can make it hard to get around the towns of Algarve during daytime, while the evenings are still pleasant with decreasing temperatures.

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How is the weather in Algarve during the summer months?

As we mentioned, the weather you can enjoy in Algarve is mild, throughout the year. However, the weather in Algarve in April is different from the Algarve weather in December, as the monthly temperatures undergo some variations.

What is a constant in the Algarve weather, is the sun. It is in fact one of the regions in Europe that benefits more from the good effects of the sun.

The summer, from June to August, is a good period to arrange your holiday here: you will find the most crowds around the beaches and the coastal towns, but you will enjoy up to 12 hours of sunshine per day.

The weather is not going to be extremely hot, with maximum temperatures not as high as 20°C. It’s good to take into consideration that the water temperature is quite cool, no matter how hot the air weather is, since it is deeply influenced by Ocean currents. It will on average be between 18°C and 20°C, creating the ideal condition to enjoy a cooling bath after a good portion of heat.

Algarve weather during the fall

Algarve weather in October and November is influenced by a decrease in the temperatures compared to summer months.

During the day, the temperatures will likely be below 20°C, on average 13°C and we will begin to see some rain falling. This makes Algarve still a pleasant place to visit for a road trip, to enjoy its coastal towns and historical attractions, but it makes it hard to enjoy a beach holiday in Algarve. This will remain true until the spring. Within the month of April, the temperatures will rise again, the sun hours will become longer and the weather in Algarve will attract water sports lover starting from these months, despite the water still being a bit chilly.

If you are not able to visit Algarve during the hotter months of the yeat, you can still enjoy a bath at the pool if you will be staying at Olympic apartment at the Jamelas do Mar complex.

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